ichat dance moms edition
Inlove this things!!!!😍

Thanks. Not that we really make them anymore…

rip this blog wow 

c-hantal said:
Do you still post the chat things on this? :)

No. I mean, if I want to; I will. But the other owner is like gone or something. I’m on twitter more often, and it takes forever for me to download a dance moms episode. But if you send in a request, I might try to make it.

Anonymous said:
pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssseee make more!

awh it’s cute that you still want us me to, i’ll try my best.

omg i know this blog is like inactive but once my downloads are finished i might make some more gifs yay

gosh i miss this blog so much :((

send in requests

if no requests come in i’ll do my homework lol. sorry for the in-activeness :((